Chirimen Kogatana No. 2

€ 99,00


This Japanese Chirimen kogatana knife has a core of Japanese Aogami # 1 "Blue paper" carbon steel (non-stainless). This double-sided sharpened knife is completely hand-forged by the master blacksmith Motosuke Nagao. The blade is thick and sturdy and manually sharpened and is very easy to sharpen yourself. This handy knife is available in several color variants and comes with a cover with a so-called "Chirimen" decoration (Japanese weaving technique) and a brass bell. A kogatana is traditionally a knife in the saya (scabbard) of a samurai sword, this knife was mainly used for household purposes such as peeling an apple, eating, woodworking. etc. Because samurai swords are no longer worn, the modern variant of a kogatana is often provided with a cover and a nice cord around the handle so that you can use it as a pocket knife.


- Blade length: 70 mm
- Total length: 155 mm
- Weight: 50-60 grams
- Steel type: core steel: Japanese Aogami # 1 steel (not stainless), Sanmai forged
- Hardness: 62-63 (Rockwell C)
- Handle: Steel wrapped with cord in different color variants.


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