Are you looking for real vintage clothing in Amsterdam? At Concrete Matter you'll find original vintage items, vintage inspired clothing, premium footwear, a wide range of accessories and much more. We are obsessed with those rare items that walk the line between beauty and durability. In our store, we gather those items so that you can choose from quality products that match the style of the everyday modern man. Because of our knowledge and experience in the menswear market we know exactly what to look for in garments.

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Durable and stylish vintage clothing

Vintage clothing Amsterdam

We love vintage clothing and vintage inspired items because of the look and feel. We want your outfit to tell a story, to be different and to live through many years of usage. That's why we only pick the items of the highest quality and with a unique touch to them. It is not just clothing you can get in our Amsterdam shop for vintage clothing. We make it easy for you to shop for a complete outfit by offering a stunning collection of premium footwear and accessories such as cufflinks, personal care items, pocketknives, jewelry, gloves, bandana’sand so much more. Are you visiting the Netherlands and do you want to take some real memories home? Get yourself a unique outfit or item of clothing with a story to tell. You'll remember your trips for years to come and can tell a cool anecdote every time someone asks you about your trousers or shirt.

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There is much more to fashion than just expressing yourself. You can also do that in cheap and fast clothes. When you begin to slow down and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into an object you begin to value it on a whole other level. You begin to value fabric, color, durability. You will see the quality. The items on offer in our store are of the highest quality, handpicked by us, for you. The garments will stand the test of time and let you express your unique sense of style. It is not just vintage items that you'll find, but also a handful of careful selected new brands.

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The story of Concrete Matter

Concrete Matter started as a collaborative effort between three young and creative guys from Amsterdam: Tim, Tomas and Jacob. We were immediately bound together by our passion for beautifully crafted products that were durable and useful. Together we set up a small and comprehensive online store in 2012. Nowadays we have a vintage store in the centre of Amsterdam. Be sure to visit us you ever find yourself in Amsterdam or Haarlem. You can also browse and order the comprehensive and unique collection online.

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