White Nautilus

Concrete Matter

Height: 20cm / 7,8 inch

The nautilus is a nearly mythical creature, that hasn't changed much over a period of 500 million years. They are only found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. This skillfully sliced nautilus shell shows the interior chambers in which the organs of this creature are housed.

In the centre slice the little tubes connecting the chambers can still be seen. The layout of the chambers is the perfect example of the Golden Ratio or in this case the Golden Spiral. Besides this, the chambers relative ratio’s can be measured. This is when another great mathematical trick happens, as the correspondence in surface area is exactly the same as the famous Fibonacci numbers. This perfect shape is the basis of this beautiful creature and it can only leave you wondering why they occur on the bottom of the oceans where nobody can behold their beauty. That's why we decided to do their beauty justice and give us land-dwelling creatures the joy of looking at this amazing bottom-dwelling creature.