Welt Globe

Concrete Matter

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Year – 1925
Dimensions HxW – 50 x 35 cm / 19,6 x 13,7 inch
Diameter – 35 cm / 14,1 inch

Globes are true treasure troves of history. They allow us to be almost physically transported back into time, to times when near the North Pole we can read on this globe 'Unerforschtes Gebiet'. Translated to English this means 'Undiscovered Area', how amazing is that? The globe also states the name of a true hero, Robert Peary, who by dog sled was believed to discover the North Pole in 1909. In the stand of this globe there's a little compass that will guide you to this North Pole. Looking at this beautiful globe, made in 1925, takes us back throughout the history of the world triggers our imagination over and over again!