Vintage Menswear

Thames & Hudson




The Vintage Showroom is a place in London that houses a mind blowing collection of vintage clothing. A fast part of their collection is for rent only and many of the worlds best designers have found their way to this place for education and inspiration. Luckely they have a also found the time to make two amazing books. This is their first book called Vintage Menswear, A Collection from the Vintage Showroom,. It is a like a bible for any real vintage collector or designer who takes pride in what he or she makes, knowing what is already out there. Now in a smaller size and lower price than before.

This book is devided in thee sections. Sports & Leisure, Military and Workwear. Tons of great piece to discover and with the accompaniyng texts, a lot to learn to.


304 pages
19 x 21cm / 7.4 x 8.2 inch


Concrete Matter Book Collection


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