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The Vintage Showroom is a place in London that houses a mind blowing collection of vintage clothing. A fast part of their collection is for rent only and many of the worlds best designers have found their way to this place for education and inspiration. Luckely they have a also found the time to make two amazing books. This book called The Vintage Showroom, An Archive of Vintage Menswear is the first of two publications. It is a like a bible for any real vintage collector or designer who takes pride in what he or she makes, knowing what is already out there. 

This book is devided in four sections. Aviation & Motorsports showing mouthwatering cool piece like a stunning Brown Bear Fur Flying Coat and of course the various iconic styles of motorcycle jackets. Formal, Tailoring & Military Uniform details with beautiful bespoke piece made to the highest standards and shows us how strongly military and formal civilian dress is alike. Utility & Workwear highlights the aesthetics of functional piece, their aging processes and how military garments are dictacted by function which results in great form. The fourth part talks about Sporting & Leisure showing us great hunting jackets,  sports jackets and so much more.

Heavily illustrated with stunning images, this book is a treasure trove all by itself.


- 304 pages
- Hardback
-  24 x 28,5cm / 11⅛ x 9½


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