Swedish Constructed Jacket



Every really good piece of vintage clothing has roots linking it back to a predecessor. This predecessor can be an earlier, similar but slightly different type of army jacket, a workwear pants made out of a different fabric and so on. This piece however will fool the vintage coinnaisseur.

At first glance you can see that this piece has age to it. Secondly the design with the straps will have you think that this a military item, maybe it has something to do with aviation based on the color and the wool lining. Searching and searching for it online will not work. Only here in Amsterdam some clues can be found. To be specific with the old fellows dealing on the famous Waterlooplein. The story is as follows. In the 1960s the vintage clothing and rags dealers, of which we had a lot, where buying a lot of the high quality Swedish army surplus. All this stuff was made to a very high standard and made for good merchandise here. At one point though the pants were being sold not so fast as the jackets. At this point a genuis seller came up with the idea of using the pants to make - yes - this jacket! This explains the strange very wide sleeves and dito straps to tighten the sleeves.

There were only a few jackets made and they quickly found their way  to rugged guys who cherised them. So finding one is very rare. The jacket is amazingly made and a great example of vernacular fashion design.


- Original jacket in worn condition from ca. 1970s
- Fits like a large L


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