Kaweco Sport Aluminium Stone Washed



This aluminium fountain pen is the perfect example of an object everyone should be carrying around with them. A design so successful that it has not changed since 1935. It is often thought that using fountain pens results in messy situations. This is only the case with sloppy writers.

This lightweight, classic Kaweco foutain pen is surprisingly compact when closed. Open it and its length is even more perfect for writing. The Stone Washed finish adds a touch of class and nostalgia when its carried in you pocket with change, money clips or Japanese pocket knifes. Also, the Stone Washed finish is unique to every single pen. The German Kaweco has been an expert in stationery since 1883, all the while perfecting their classic and timeless look.


Material: Aluminium
Length opened: 13,5 cm
Length closed: 10 cm
Extra: 6 refills 


Germany has a long and rich history in stationery. Because there was no access to graphite like in England, a solution was found in the shape of powdered graphite. The pencil industry bloomed and well-known industry giants such as Faber-Castell and Staedtles were born in the 19th century. Read the full Kaweco story here.