South Africa Lithograph

Concrete Matter

Year – 1885 to 1905
Print type – Chromolithography
Dimensions framed HxW – 28 x 35 cm / 11 x 13,7 inch
Note – Frame included

This is an original chromolithographic print depicting the southernmost part of Africa. Nambia used to be a German colony and is thus represented in great detail. The chromolithographic process involves a great deal of craftsmanship and skill, as every color run has to be applied to a separate stone. This chromolithograph on your left probably passed around four up to fifteen different individual stones in order to get this high quality print. 

All our chromolithographs are originals and come from various European encyclopedia. These encyclopedia's cover all sorts of topic and oftentimes explained these subject by adding beautiful chromolithographs like these. Our collection ranges from astronomical to anatomical prints, from flora to fauna and avifauna on to detailed maps of every corner of the earth.

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