Slug School Chart


Year – 1960's
Creator – Jung, Koch & Quentell
Dimensions – 112 x 90 cm / 44 x 35 inch

Another great example of the wonderful combination between what was primarily intended to be a teaching tool, but became a decorative object. This particular chart shows the all too famous slug. The slug isn't much loved by gardeners, but it's nonetheless an interesting creature. Slugs live both on land and in saltwater. The unadorned word "slug", however, is applied primarily to land slugs, whereas slugs from the sea or from fresh water are usually referred to as "sea slugs" or "freshwater slugs".

All the charts by Jung, Koch and Quentell cover such a wide range of topics, each chart is different and unique in its own way. They are outstanding for brightening up any home, office or kid's room.

In vintage but excellent condition.