Replogle Globe

Jan Hazes

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Year – 1925
Dimensions HxW – 65 x 50 cm / 25,5 x 19,6 inch

Within the league of so-called ‘table globes’ that are available in our store, this item is truly in a league of its own. This extraordinary globe measures approximately 65cm in height and over 50cm across. This is the largest size a table globe will become. It weighs a hefty 6,5 kilograms. This 1925 Replogle (American made) globe,  is in absolute great condition for its age. The highly detailed chart image, which can be explored so well because of the big size, has enabled the cartographers to put in a lot of information. It would take a lifetime to re-explore our world in a 1920s perspective. The oceans were still covered with steamer lines and submerged cables show signs of a starting globalization. Despite that, the world was a much more different place, to which this heavyweight does justice truly well.