Pendleton Pueblo Dwelling Blanket



Pendleton blankets are what the company is maybe the most famous for. Their designs are world renowned and a staple in North American cabin style living. The are used as decorative pieces for sure, but their warmth and general levels of comfort are unsurpassed as well. This blanket is called Pueblo Dwelling. A vintage design from 1923, the heyday of Native American trade blanket production. Dazzling colours and geo designs tell a story. Arrows symbolise the paths of life and power, while stars represent the bright morning star, a spirit honoured by many pueblo dwellers.


- Queen sized 64x80inch/ 162x203cm
- Two-sided design
- Pure virgin wool/cotton 
- Fabric woven in our American mills 
- Dry clean 
- Made in USA


Pendleton’s nearly 150 year old history begins with the arrival of a British weaver called Thomas Kay in Oregon in 1863. His knowledge about worsted wool apparel was transferred to his three grandsons who opened the Pendleton Wool Mills in 1909 in the town of Pendleton, Oregon which back then was a hub for everything wool related. The focus of the Bishop brothers was first mainly on trading blankets with the Native Americans who cherished the blankets for ceremonial use, but they also made them into clothing.

From 1912 to 1949 Pendleton expanded its production into apparel too as they were now able to weave finer qualities of wool. In 1949 the famous 49-er jacket for women was designed, a simple, casual jacket with the intrinsic quality of the Pendleton brand. This jacket really took af in postwar America.

Pendleton has ever since been a household name equalling quality and timeless style. Sported by the Beach Boys in the 1960s and 70s and cherished by anyone who loves a beautifully made distinctive piece of wool clothing, we are very proud to continuously source Pendleton and provide our customers with this amazing brand.


- The Netherlands: EUR 5,- Free over EUR 50,- (Free returns)
- Europe: EUR 11,- to EUR 22,50 Free over EUR 150.-
- Rest of the World: EUR 25,- Free over EUR 200,-

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