Prevost's Squirrel


Mounted on – A very nice real piece of wood
Measures HxDxW – 50 x 24 x 18  / 19,6 x 9,4 x 7 inch 
Note – This animal died of natural causes in captivity and was mounted by a licensed (award-winning) taxidermist 

This stunner of a Prevost's or Asian Tri-colored Squirrel seems just to be pausing for a second on a trunk. It is done so well and the animal itself is such a looker that this piece of taxidermy is truly one of a kind. The Prevost's Squirrel is found on the Malay Peninsula and Thailand where it feeds on fruits. By doing so it spreads the seeds that are kept within the fruits over great distances thus spreading around the offspring of tree which fed it in the first place. A great piece of teamwork better known by its official term: symbiosis.