Pinecone Fruitlabel

Concrete Matter

Year – 1930s 
Style – Offset print on thin paper          
Dimensions HxW – 40 x 50 cm / 16 x 20 inch

When oranges were still orange and apples didn’t fall too far from the tree –  fruit crates would have labels like these on them. They looked absolutely beautiful. This Pinecone label would be one of the key examples of this statement. The longer you study this piece of art, you see how clever the commercial message is presented. The combination of the complimentary colors (blue and orange) work great together in grabbing our attention. The depth that is suggested through the 'window' in the pine cone draws us even further into the image. These visual tricks combined with the great typography make this a great piece to have on your wall.

This fruitlabel is an original American made vintage label from the 1930s.