P38 Lightning on stand


Measurements HxDxW – 24 x25 x 31 cm / 9,4 x 9,8 x 12,2 inch 

The P-38 is easily one of the most iconic planes from the WWII era. Nicknamed the 'Gabelschwanz Teufel' (Two-tailed Devil) by the German's and 'Two-planes One Pilot' by the Japanese. The P-38 was the first plane to surpass the 400mph mark and it was the only fighter to be in production during the entire Second World War. It was present both in the European theatre as a bomber escort as in the Pacific theatre where the plane was most successful in different roles ranging from fighter to strike bomber and reconnaissance photography plane.

This desk stand is made from a steel salvaged model mounted on a piece of hardwood. The angle of the plane accentuates the beautiful lines of the still breathtakingly good looking plane.