Mig 23 'Flogger' Desktop Model

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Even though clothing has become our main focus, we still like have to go for mantiques. Especially when we see such one of a kind pieces like this. The Mig-23 was first introduced in 1967 and it saw action a few years later. The swept wings could be adjusted and a lower stabilizer would drop down as soon as the plane became airborne. The name Flogger was the NATO name for this plane.
This model is really something else. Every piece is hand cut and shaped out of bakelite. These parts are joined to each other via a hole and pin joint. The solid brass nose cone, exhaust and the cool blue plexiglas cockpit look amazing in combination with the deep black brown bakelite of the wings and body.
This piece must have once been a piece the resistance on some Soviet officials desk.  


  • One of a kind item
  • Ca. 1970s
  • Measurements: 


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