Metallic Wood Boring Beetle

Concrete Matter

Species – Metallic Wood Boring Beetle (Euchroma gigantea)
Country of origin - South and Central America (Captive bred in Taiwan)
Ships to – Worldwide
Dimensions HxWxD – 16 x 16 x 5 cm / 6,2 x 6,2 x 1,9 inch
Frame - Ash wooden frame with glass on both sides

These kinds of beetles have justifiably so been called 'living jewels'. Though some people are totally scared of these critters, it must be admitted that they are among the most fascinatingly beautiful creatures crawling around on our planet. Their iridescent armoring changes color from green to a red and purple just depending on the angle you are viewing it. Almost all beetles can fly. Not as well and elegant as butterflies of course, but still they can fly. This is one of the biggest specimens from the so-called Wood Boring Beetles. Mounted with its wings open which actually draws even more attention to the stunning 'wing-covers' and their cool coloration.

Please note that every specimen is slightly different from the next one.