Higonokami Hammer Forged Large

Concrete Matter


 The Higonokami is a traditional Japanese pocketknife. The blade is made out of carbon steel or high grade Aogami "Blue Paper" Steel. At this moment Motosuke Naga, a fourth generation blacksmith, is the only person actively making the true Higonokami knife. The most well known model is the Sada Kama, which comes in various sizes and materials. The Japanese characters on the handle are those of master blacksmith Naga. The Aogami steel blades as well as the S5K blades have the characters for that type of steel engraved at the base of the blade. We are proud to offer a wide range of these very special little knives. 

Please take a look at our blog post on the history of the Higonokami here.


- Dimensions: Overall length with open blade 21 cm / 8,2 inch. Closed 13 cm / 5,1 inch. Blade length 9,5 cm / 3,7 inch 
- Material: Brass housing and hammer forged Aogami "Blue Paper" Steel blade


 To find out more about the Higonokami and its rich history, read our blog post.