Higo Kogatana Green and Blue

Concrete Matter Curated Knife Collection


This Higo kogatana knife is fully hand forged by master blacksmith mr. Motosuko Nagao. The blad is thick and heavy and easy to sharpen. It is made out of grade #1 'aogami' (sometimes called Blue Paper after the packaging in the factory) carbon steel. The 'kogatana' is traditionally placed into a special slot in the chuba, the ring on a Samurai sword, and it would have been used for small cutting chores. Since it is no longer allowed to carry a Samurai Sword, this nicely wrapped Kogatana pocket knife hints to the times of the Samurai. 


  • Material: Aogami steel for the core steel 
  • Rockwell grade of 62-63 so very hard
  • Handle wrapped in colorful thread
  • Dimensions: blade 4,5cm long total length 12,5cm 
  • Weight: 37 grams


Concrete Matter Curated Knife Collection