Hestra Oden Brown Gloves



This is glove is a real treat for any fire making outdoorsmen. The Oden is a  supple and versatile, unlined leather glove. Made entirely of waxed elk split leather and sewn with fire retardant thread. The waxed elk split leather provides good protection also against heat making it suitable to be worn around a campfire. Despite the fact that guys generally get swamped in gloves, sock, ties and alike, this could very well be the one pair of gloves you will really need.



  • waxed elk split leather
  • Gun Cut
  • Pull tab, eyelet and fire retardant thread 
  • Subtle unlined gloves with elastic wrist


The rich history of the Hestra brand goes back four centuries and starts in 1936 in the Swedish province of Småland. This is where Martin Magnusson and his family lives and where he starts making gloves for the local lumberjacks. When a skiing slope opens in 1937 Magnusson starts making gloves that cater for the rapidly growing skiing community in Sweden. The Swedes discover skiing as a national past time and the business grows fast. Hestra really makes a name for itself in the 1960s as the brand you need to have when skiing. Since than two generations Magnusson’s have been responsible for growing the company further, never letting down on their very high quality standards till today.

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