Handkerchief Tartan

Concrete Matter


Known and used for several decades, this piece of personal fabric is loved by romantics, farmers, woodworkers, urban eccentrics and dandy daddies. Many would state that the handkerchief needs no further exploration. We beg to differ and include these gorgeous, 100% cotton, handkerchiefs handmade in Holland using only the finest of traditional Dutch folkloristic cotton that has been used for over 100 years and which is still worn in traditional clothing today. This iconic object is a product from The Concrete Matter Classics series.


– 100% traditional Dutch folkloristic cotton
– Handmade in Holland
– Dimensions approximately 42 x 42 cm / 16,5 x 16,5 inch


The Concrete Matter Classics is a line of products that we believe to be useful, durable and beautiful. The world is saturated with products that aren't any of these things, that is why we decided to introduce the Classic Series. We ensure that the items that we feature in this series will all stand the test of time and allure the beauty in the eye of the beholder. The products in this series add an extra touch of class to life, help maintain your possessions or spark your wanderlust.