Hammond's Globe

Jan Hazes

This products is one of a kind.

Year – 1925
Diameter Globe – 30 cm / 12 inch
Dimensions HxW – 50 x 30 cm / 20 x 12 inch

There are globes and then there are globes like these. This 1920's Hammond's Terrestrial globe is one of our most unique finds. It's not often that we find a globe this old and rare and still in great condition for its age. The heavy iron foot on which it stands makes this beauty even more special. 

It's most likely that this globe was placed in a room where someone drank whisky and smoked big sigars, as the globe has a deep patina, often seen on old globes. We actually love this look and think it shows character while at the same time still showing the map vividly. Commencing in the late 19th century, Hammond & Co., located in New York, Brooklyn and Boston, was a prominent maker of globes and maps, and continues making globes to this day.