Deadnettle School Chart


Year – 1950s
Creator – Jung, Koch & Quentell
Dimensions – ± 117 x 82 cm / 46 x 32 inch
Note – Showing minor wear, original vintage lithographic print

A brilliantly colourful school chart of the Deadnettle, a common European wild plant species. Although this plant looks like a Stinging Nettle, it does not sting. Made by the famous trio, Jung, Koch and Quentell. A teacher, scientist and artist thus ensuring both didactical, scientifically and artistic aspect were all right. These charts are rapidly becoming much harder to find and cheap imitations are also out there. This is of course an original lithographic vintage version used in a German school.

In vintage but great condition. Colours may differ slightly from the photos. Minor distortion is only visibile in the photographs due to the use of a wide angle lens.