Concrete Matter Camo Bag

Concrete Matter


We have came across some amazing pieces of original camo fabric over the last year and decided this would be a good use. The Concrete Matter camo bags are made by ourselves (so please forgive the somewhat rugged appearance here and there!) out of heavy quality cotton camo fabric. The strap is made from parachute cord and when possible we recycled a piece of button or rope to make it possible to close the bag. When this was not possible we popped on a press closure. All bags feature an internal pocket and some are reversible (San Marco and amoebe). No one is the same!


  • 100% cotton
  • ca. 40cm wide x 45cm deep 40cm edge to top of leash
  • Original 1950s camo fabric 
  • Amoebe camo is a rare German camo from 1956
  • San Marco is original ca. 1955 Italian camo
  • The Swedish splinter is original ca 1950/60s camo
  • Made in good old Amsterdam


Concrete Matter in house made