Blue-winged Teal


Mounted on – rectangular wooden base
Measures HxDxW – 24 x 30 x 15  / 9,4 x 11,8 x 5,9 inch 
Note – This bird died of natural causes in captivity and was mounted by a licensed (award-winning) taxidermist 

The Blue-winged Teal just like all its relatives in the Teal family, is a very pretty little duck. Not just the wing panel is blue, also its head has a nice blue hue to it. Blue-winged Teals are dabbling ducks which means that they feed at the shallow water edges of marshes and lakes. The Blue-winged Teal is found over most of North America excluding Alaska and The Norhtern Territories.

A mounted duck is a classic piece of taxidermy that works great in any study or living room alike.