Black-Backed Grosbeak


Mounted on –  A strand of spider wood on bubinga base
Ships to 
– Worldwide
Dimensions HxWxD – 24 x 14 cm / 9,4 x 5,5 inch
Note – This bird died of natural causes in captivity, where it was bred

The Black-backed Grosbeak is a large finch type bird that can be found in South America in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. Although there are several subspecies, all share a black head and back with bright yellow underparts. Most subspecies have a yellow rump, though this varies in extent. Females share similar patterning to the males but are fainter overall. Their song is a series of melodic whistled phrases, and their call is a sharp “tink!” note. What an absolute beautiful and unique looking bird, beautifully prepared by our taxidermist to give this stud an eternal life.