Auzoux Seed School Chart

Concrete Matter

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Year – 1948
Creator – Dr. Auzoux and P. Sougy
Dimensions HxW – 134 x 100 cm / 53 x 39 inch

This is a school chart created by Dr. Louis Auzoux, a French physician. They were used as teaching tools in France from around 1900 into the 1960s. This chart is made from chalk paper. This is of course the formal description of what these objects are. For anyone who dares to get a little crazy with his or her imagination, these images become either a total psychedelic experience, or the proof that the microcosmic side of our world might be more than we can handle. Either way, these vintage school charts from the late 1940s are beautiful and fascinating. To us its is almost unbelievable that they could actually work as a teaching tool for explaining these difficult topics.

In vintage condition, showing minor wears. Colours may differ slightly from the photos.

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