Africa Animal Map


Year – 1950s
Creator – Westermann Verlag
Dimensions HxW – 117 x 90 cm / 46 x 35,4 inch

This school chart made in Germany in the 1950s is so damn beautiful. The fact that it is still in such good shape is quite a miracle since the paper and canvas backing are really delicate, and the environment of a class room full of pupils could easily have damaged it. This is also one the reasons why these particular educational charts are so rare: most of them did not survive active duty. The bright blue color of the ocean and intricate forest full of animals makes this such a great chart.

Displayed on this chart is the entire African continent dominated by all of its amazing wildlife. All the wildlife is realistically portrayed in the places where they live. Since there is so much to explore, it will take a while until you will have discovered all there is to see.

In vintage condition, meaning there might be some wear and tear. Colors may differ slightly from the photos.

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