1957 Button Down Shirt Blue Stripes

Pike Brothers


An original piece of sportswear – the button-down shirt! Today the button-down shirt is mostly used for formal or business shirts. However, that is not its origin. Polo players in England in the late 19th century were the first to use a button-down collar. They fixed the collar, so it would not move around while riding and hitting the ball. The first sportswear manufacturers made the button down shirt available to the general public and it slowly began to be seen in the streets.
Especially in the 50s and 60s it started to have a strong impact since it could be easily combined with a tie and used for formal occasions. 

The Pike Brothers 1957 button-down shirt has a classic British fit from the 1950s. In combination
with our 100% pure cotton fabric it can be used either for duty or for leisure.


  • 100% cotton Flannel
  • Classic 1950s fit
  • Chest Pocket
  • Button-down collar
  • Made in Portugal


Pike Brothers was founded in 1930 by brother George and Joseph Pike. Their small yet high-quality clothing store was located in the famous Portobello Road, Notting Hill, in the heart of London. Custom clothing for men was their specialty. During the Second World War they produced uniforms for American military forces. This was the time when American soldiers came over to England. Pike Brothers managed to combine the best materials with European craftsmanship and create the unmistakable clothing you see today. They simply struck a brilliant balance between American workwear and European expertise. A legacy that defines Pick Brothers to this very day. 

Pike Brothers distinguishes itself by respecting and celebrating the original functionality of its clothing instead of simply aiming for superficial succes. All clothing is made in Europe and produced the old-fashioned way. Pure craftsmanship and the best materials add up to this stylish and timeless clothing. Pike Brothers is that perfect combination of style and functionality.